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Your input in our Survey of Artists will help protect our Gowanus Creative Community!


As you know, Gowanus is changing rapidly. Artists are being displaced and the future feels uncertain. At Arts Gowanus, we are your advocates and want to break the typical cycle of artists being pushed out of our neighborhoods (in Gowanus and beyond).

To do that, we have developed a survey to understand artists, artist needs, and artist concerns. We are interested in the opinions of all artists who have ever had a studio in the Greater Gowanus area (or participated in Gowanus Open Studios).

In appreciation for your time and opinions, we will enter you into
**a raffle to receive a $100 gift certificate to Artist & Craftsmen**

The survey will take only 8-10 minutes to answer.   All your responses will be completely confidential and will not be used in any other way.


It will be easiest and quickest to complete if you use a desktop computer, laptop, or large screen tablet. It will be slightly slower and more difficult if you use a smartphone.

If you have any questions about Arts Gowanus, our efforts on your behalf, or this survey please contact our Director, Abby Subak, at abby@artsgowanus.org.

We look forward to hearing your opinions!


With appreciation for your time and all your creative energy and spirit,

Abby Graf Subak
Director, Arts Gowanus


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Arts Gowanus is a not-for-profit organization working to support, promote, and advocate for local artists and a sustainable arts community. We welcome everyone and hope you will contact us with your ideas and participation.


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