Resources for Artists to Prepare for Gowanus Open Studios

We’ve put together this handy checklist for you to prepare for Gowanus Open Studios.

Printed Matter:

  • Pick up maps, posters, postcards, and signage at our distribution party, Friday October 14th at Dirty Precious, 317 3rd Ave.
  • Pick up helium balloons, maps, posters, postcards, and signage on Saturday & Sunday, 9:30am – 12pm at 543 Union Street.
Email Marketing:
  • Send out a Save the Date! Use the official GOS 2016 logos that can be downloaded from the web site here.
  • Always include directions from the subway to your studio.
  • Make it personal: here’s my studio, I’ve cleaned my studio, here’s a work in progress, here’s the new work I’ll show during GOS, etc.
  • Put out a guest book or sign-in sheet during GOS so people can leave their name, email address and comments.
  • Follow up after GOS with an email blast to your contact list and everyone who visited your studio.
Social Media:
  • Post pictures related to your email blasts.
  • Hashtag #GOS2016 and tag @artsgowanus in your twitter and instagram posts, tag Arts Gowanus (@gowanusopenstudios) and your friends in your Facebook posts.
  • When you hashtag/tag Arts Gowanus on social media, we’ll retweet/regram/repost you!
  • Be active on social media, like other artists work and share their photos.
  • Facebook: Go to Arts Gowanus Page. Like it.
  • From the Arts Gowanus Facebook page, go to Events / GOS 2016. Say you are going. Invite all your friends. (See in-depth directions below on how to invite your friends to the GOS 2016 Facebook event)
  • Update your Artsicle page. Curators and visitors look at the GOS artist pages in the weeks leading up to GOS!
  • Be sure your Artsicle page has the art you will be showing and correct up-to-date information about you.
Preparing Your Studio:
  • Decide which artwork you will show and make a plan to have it ready and how you will present it.
  • Decide if you are selling or not.
  • If selling, price list or labels on wall?
More tips from other organizations:

How to Invite Friends and Communities to the GOS Open Studios Event Page

Make sure you RSVP that you’re going to the GOS 2016 on the Gowanus Open Studios 2016 event page on Facebook.

Then share the link to the event page with all your FB friends by doing this from your your personal account:

1. Go to the event page.

2. On the upper right, under the banner image for the event, you’ll see three bars: interested, going, and invite. Some events have “share” instead of “invite” as the third option. In that case, skip to step 4.

3. Click Invite. You’ll have three options in the scroll down menu: friends, share event, share on a page.

a. Friends: You’ll see a list of your FB contacts. Click the box next to the people to whom you want to send the invite. Then use the button on the lower right to “send invites”.

b. Share Event: Here you can share the event on your timeline (very useful!), someone else’s timeline, a group page, a page you manage, etc. If you have an artists page on FB separate from your personal page, you can post it there. Make your selection, then click “send”.

c. Share on a Page: As mentioned in (b) if you have an artist’s page click this option to share the GOS event page on your artist’s page. If you manage an event page, you can also share the link there.

4. If you see “Share” instead of “Invite” when you go to the GOS Open Studios Event page, select from these options:

a. Choose Friends: You’ll see a list of your FB contacts. Click the box next to the people to whom you want to send the invite. Then use the button on the lower right to “send”.

b. Share in News Feed: Select this option to add the page to your News Feed. Remember, it will appear there when you share it, but as you post to your feed it will drop lower on the page. Some of your FB friends may not receive your News on their home page. [If you don’t understand this, don’t worry. It’s FB­world speak.]

c. Share in Messenger: If you use FB on a smart phone, this is useful. It allows you to send the event page to your contacts through the FB Messenger app. Select the contacts you want to personally invite to Gowanus Open Studios. Click “send”.

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